What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that store packets of data when you visit our websites. Cookies perform all kinds of different tasks, such as saving preferences, ensuring efficient navigation between different pages and websites and improving your browsing experience in general. Cookies make the interaction between you and the websites faster and easier.

Dutch law states that certain cookies are subject to an information and consent obligation (opt-in). An opt-in means that we will ask you for permission in advance to place cookies on your computer. This no longer applies to all types of cookies. But Ayurveda Beurs consciously chooses not to distinguish the type of cookie that is placed. You always first have the choice whether you accept our cookies or not before you can continue browsing our websites.

We use three types of cookies:

Functional cookies

With functional cookies we ensure that our websites work properly. Here we store information that is essential for the proper functioning of our websites. With a functional cookie we remember, for example, whether you accept other cookies or not. If we do not remember these cookies, you must answer the question again when visiting each page.

Tracking cookies

With these cookies we can analyze the websites because we gain insight into the behavior of visitors to our websites. We receive information about the functioning of the websites. This way we can improve the websites.

In addition, we collect data that helps determine trends, for example about the reasons for visiting and which pages are visited frequently.

Third party cookies

With campaign cookies we analyze how often banners are clicked and how often our websites are accessed by Google.

Based on this, we collect insights, such as how many people visit the websites as a result of a specific campaign and whether these customers buy something. These cookies also allow visitors to use the Facebook ‘Like’ button or the ’tweet’ button from Twitter.

On which websites do we place cookies?

If you agree with our cookie report, Ayurveda Fairs may place cookies on the following websites:

An extensive overview of the cookies that Ayurveda Beurs itself places on all websites of Ayurveda Beurs and cookies that other parties place through our websites can be found in the cookie overview below.

Note: Refusing or deleting cookies only has consequences for the computer and browser on which you perform this action. If you use multiple computers and / or browsers, you must repeat the above-mentioned operation (s) per computer or browser.

How can I delete and manage cookies?

All popular browsers offer the possibility to see which cookies are stored and which information can be found in these cookies. In addition, you can also set which cookies are accepted or not.

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